About Me

After dabbling in a variety of coping mechanisms in response to life’s hurdles, I have found that writing provides the most beneficial and cathartic release of the emotions which so often build up and control our lives. So I write. Often times inspired by a menial word or situation in the real world, I like to re-work the experience in terms better suited for entertainment and an enjoyable read. It is fun. It is satiating to control the actions and outcomes of a made up character and the reason I continue to write. The outcomes are purely fictional, the subjects– well we write what we know best, right? I was once told that fiction reveals more about the author than it’s characters. I completely agree. To some extent one’s work must stem from something they have encountered themselves. It is the readers job to determine which part that is, no matter how trivial. However, what I find interesting is that the best authors can take that one, minuscule detail from their own life and transform it into a new story. A story in which they define the ending. So I present here a diary of sorts, one with bits and pieces of my own life, surrounded by the wanders of imagination. Please enjoy my efforts to entertain.

I would also like to give a HUGE shoutout to my younger sister who took the amazing pictures I have featured on my blog 🙂